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Have You Lost A Loved One?

They may be gone, but they’re never forgotten.

Help us put a face to addiction and remember your precious loved one in a meaningful way. Everyone leaves a legacy and we want our community to know about theirs.

    Tyler Canter

    10/17/1994  to 09/20/2015

    Kind, funny, a zest for life. Loved nature, his friends and family. Always loved, never forgotten. Until we meet again in Heaven…

    James Taylor

    07/03/1993 to 08/04/2015

    Compassionate, kind, loved baseball and his family. Resting in Heaven with his sister, Sydney, and missed dearly every single day. Loved deeply by everyone who knew him…

    Sydney Taylor

    03/10/1996 to 01/20/2016

    Beautiful on the inside and out. Her eyes and smile had a sparkle we miss seeing so much. Resting peacefully in Heaven with her brother, James. We love you, beautiful angel…

    Tristan J. Kinzel

    Tristan J. Kinzel

    11/12/1997 to 08/28/2016

    Tristan was such a beautiful soul, he loved deeply, cared for every living being, and his smile would make the sun jealous. Missed deeply.

    Samuel D. Page

    Samuel D. Page

    11/03/1974 to 9/22/2015

    Sam could light up a room. He had such a big heart and an even bigger personality. Despite his addiction and the things he did because of it… you could never stay mad at him for long. He was such a beautiful soul. His children and I miss him terribly. He will always be in our hearts.

    Zak Belford

    Zak Belford

    9/14/1986 to 7/28/2017

    Zak was unique to put it lightly. He never greeted a new person without wanting to fight first, following them being his best friend. He was a goofy character that would most likely greet you with a vulger name and a big laugh afterwords. Once a bond was made with Zak, he would do anything in his power to protect you. Zak would have given the shirt off his back for a real friend. Not only did he have a “brother” everywhere he went, he happened to be a really good brother to his two sisters Sarah and Aimee. If you couldn’t find Zak, he was likely to be at his parents’ house doing yard work, or helping them any way he could. His mother always said he was the only child that came to visit her. Which isn’t the complete truth, but he did spend lots of time with them. Zak loved toys. RC trucks, helicoptors, matchbox cars, trains and train sets, litterally anything that had a remote control to use, he probably had 15 of them. Late in his life, he got into building trains and also collecting them. He had started a set up of a city for the trains, constantly raiding sheds or garages for more stuff to add to it, like lights, snow, music ,ect… very creative and artistically inclined. Zak was a jack of all trades. And he knew a little bit about everything. If anyone ever had a question, Zak was likely to know the answer, with evidence to back it up. Zak will be widely missed by so many.

    Eric V. Pearce

    Eric V. Pearce

    08/07/1986 to 07/24/2016

    Eric was an amazing son, brother and friend. He was so full of life and spunk. He is greatly missed by all who knew him. He left an impact on all who knew him.

    Jacob Johnson

    Jacob Johnson

    2/24/1996 to 7/18/2015

    My son Jacob or Jakey as I like to call him was and still is very deeply loved by his family. We supported him through some tough teen years which he never made it out of. He was incredibly smart and could have done anything that he wanted to in life. He never met a stranger, I often would find him talking to someone he just met like they were best friends.
    He loved his younger siblings and his cousins. Everyone has always remarked about how much children loved our Jakey. He also loved animals and being outside. One of his favorite places to visit was the Cleveland zoo. It’s hard to sum up such a special life in one short summary, I could go on and on.
    There are no words for how much he is missed or for the amount of pain his passing has caused. I hold fast to God’s promises that I will see my boy again and that he is very much alive right now in Heaven because he was saved by grace.

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