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Medina County Opiate Response Team now accepting referrals

Medina County recently received a $100,000 grant to create a countywide Opiate Response Team (ORT – very similar to a QRT, Quick Response Team). An ORT is now in place and accepting referrals. An ORT identifies Medina County residents who have experienced a recent opiate overdose and directs them to resources for needed treatment.

The response team is made up of a chemical dependency clinician and police officer who respond to community referrals from any law enforcement agency in Medina County, hospitals, and family or significant others.

A referral to the ORT can be submitted in three ways:

1. Submit through the Alternative Paths website

2. Complete a form that can be downloaded from website and fax to (330) 764-8126

3. Call (330) 764-3619 between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday

Once a referral is received, the team will initiate communication with the identified client or family member, and attempt to have a face to face meeting within 72 hours.

The team may meet with the client at the client’s home, in a local hospital, or in a mutually agreed upon location.  The police officer will always be present for meetings which occur in a non-public setting such as a client’s home.

During the meeting, the clinician will complete a brief screening to determine a client’s immediate needs.  At the conclusion of the screening, the clinician will discuss treatment alternatives available to the client and provide a first appointment with a treatment provider within Medina County. Local treatment providers are working with the team to create rapid access to care.

Subsequent to the face-to-face screening meeting, the Opiate Response Team will work to track the progress of the client for a 30-day period to help ensure successful engagement in treatment.  In the event a client does not follow through, the team will attempt to reinitiate contact and re-engage the client.

The Opiate Response Team is a collaborative partnership between Alternative Paths, Inc. and the Medina County Sheriff’s Office. Funding for the program has been provided by grants from the Medina County ADAMH Board and the Ohio Attorney General’s Office. 


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