Providing resources and raising awareness about addiction in our community.
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We’ve Compiled Some Resources for Parents

How to talk to your kids about addiction – Opening up to your children about your addiction or that of a loved one is kind of like telling them about the birds and the bees.

Write your legislators – Ask your Senators to expand access to treatment for millions of Americans living with substance use and abuse disorders.

OTC medicine safety –The OTC Medicine Safety program is a FREE, evidence-based program with proven results to increase children’s knowledge about responsible OTC medicine use.

#xplan gives your kids a way out – Should your child be in a situation where they feel uncomfortable, this powerful tool is a lifeline they can use any time.

The family health policy – The Family Health Policy, a project of the non-profit CANDLE, Inc, is a way to make substance abuse prevention a priority for your family by using routine annual drug testing as a recurring reminder.

Living with addiction? Take the survey – We are excited to conduct the first nationwide survey designed to document the lives of family members of people in addiction and recovery from alcohol and other drugs. – Know signs and symptoms of drug abuse.

The Wadsworth Drug-Free Community Coalition exists to prevent, educate and support youth, adults and families on substance/drug abuse by providing resources and raising awareness in our community.

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