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Praying for an end to addiction

Jesus, take total control of our loved ones. Remove every outside influence that makes them feel like they can’t come clean. Remove the people who enable and fuel their addiction. Protect them from their enemies and themselves. Wrap your loving arms around each person who needs your help to break the cycle and live freely and new in you. Lord, give each person courage and strength to face their demons and end the pain. Clean their wounds and help them to be all that you created. Give them true purpose. Free them from bondage.

Give your children a deep desire to change and the commitment to see it through. Help those involved in addiction know you, really know you, accept you as their Savior, lean on you and feel satisfied only by you. Help them live for you.

Heavenly Father, bring healing to the broken-hearted families affected by addicts’ choices and protect them. Addiction impacts so many. Restore families. Make them whole again. Pour out your love, grace, mercy and healing to anyone going through this battle. Lord, bring hope. Lots of hope. We need hope.

Please bring people into their lives that will stand beside them and help them to be accountable and will help them to stay clean and free. May you restore their sense of self-worth, may they find redemption and restoration in you, Lord.

In Jesus’ mighty and powerful name, Amen.

“Only God can go where all the doors are held shut by the enemy. Only God will stay even when the devil himself finally walks out on you. Only God will share in the fullness of your sufferings and never forsake you.” (Artist Steven Sawyer)

In the words of Lysa TerKeurst, “Instead of seeking to understand the complicated situations in life…I’m choosing to give them to You in prayer. Here they are, Lord. I’m trusting You to direct me, guide me, and love me through what I don’t understand. With a sometimes trembling heart, I embrace Your promises. And. Walk. In. Faith.”

Part of Psalm 28:7 says, The Lord is my strength and shield. He IS! Praying to and praising you, Lord. Asking for life-altering change. We believe in miracles, restored lives, whole families and hope.


Written in 2015 by Wadsworth Drug-Free Community Coalition member Tina Heiberg, originally posted to her blog here:

The Wadsworth Drug-Free Community Coalition exists to prevent, educate and support youth, adults and families on substance/drug abuse by providing resources and raising awareness in our community.

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